Jiříkov (Georgswalde)

Starý Jiříkov (usually just Jiříkov), a community, 1¾ hours east of Šluknov and ¾ hour north of Rumburk, in a shallow valley, surrounded by small peaks, has 605 houses and 4,499 inhabitants, one royal and imperial border customs office. There is a nice parish church of St. George, built in 1725 by Countess Ernestina Harrachová, with a beautiful altar by Dominik Josef Kindermann, a school, a well-equipped inn called the Stadtgericht“, and three mills. The livelihood of the locals is namely, as in the whole area, weaving; this city is especially famous for its fine linen, of which many kinds are made here, in addition to all other kinds of linen. Furthermore, there are dyeing plants and factories for processing cotton and string. The number of local factories is 40. There are 260 entrepreneurs and in total more than 1,000 workers involved in the production of these goods, which the industrialists and part of the twenty traders present to all provinces of the monarchy and markets.

On 1 March 1830, the Institute for the Poor, formerly located here was newly reorganized, and at that time it had a registered capital of 6,688 guldens. Thanks to this, 118 poor people are supported according to the extent of their needs. In 1818, a spa was established here at the site of a mineral spring, which proved to have healing qualities. This is frequently visited; but the state of the spring is unknown. Jiříkov seems to have originated at the beginning of the 17th century; at that time, the people of Jiříkov owned a wooden, Protestant prayer stand; in 1756 the village received permission to hold a market from Maria Theresa; There are two annual fairs, which are not very important, and are attended by about 80 vendors; and every Tuesday a market. - Peat is mined in the vicinity of Jiříkov, and not far from away, on the border of Saxony, is the source of the River Spree. The local parish includes: - Nový Jiříkov 71 houses, 509 inhabitants, west of the latter and adjacent to it; there is a mill; the village is inhabited by weavers. - Filipov, ¼ hours east of Jiříkov, 109 houses, 716 inhabitants, on the Spree. … - Loučné, 88 houses, 613 inhabitants, northeast of the latter, and adjoining it, here is Josef Pohl's imperial and royal, private canvas and cotton goods factory, in addition to several small factories and entrepreneurs, who employ a total of over 400 people. - Fukov, 129 houses, 690 inhabitants,…

Johann Gottfried Sommer: Das Königreich Böhmen, Leitmeritzer Kreis, 1833

Starý Jiříkov 605 houses and 4499 inhabitants, Nový Jiříkov, 71 houses, 509 inhabitants, Filipov, 109 houses, 716 inhabitants, Loučné, 88 houses, 613 inhabitants = total 873 houses, 6337 inhabitants