Since the beginning of July 2012, one can visit the local Museum of the Town of Jiříkov located at Tylova 1056/4, next to historic house No. 8. In a relatively small space, you can acquaint yourself with the history of the town of Jiříkov and its surroundings in pictures and documents. The Museum's depository contains documents relating to the municipalities of Lipová (Hainspach), Lobendava (Lobendau), Mikulášovice (Nixdorf), Rumburk (Rumburg), Šluknov (Schluckenau), Varnsdorf (Warnsdorf), Velký Šenov (Großschönau in B.) or Vilémov (Wölmsdorf). 

In the Museum, you can see a wide variety of documents, the largest public collection of historic postcards and photographs of the village of Jiříkov in the region, studio photographs and cameras, a nativity scene, paintings, hand wringers for laundry, a school desk from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, typewriters and sewing machines, gramophones, a Harwardt pianino from nearby Liberec (Reichenberg), a Bongardt harmonium, prams, dolls, troughs, attractions from World War I and II, bicycles, locally produced stoves, etc.

The main exhibit of the local museum is a replica of a mechanical "walking" rocking horse - a unique world patented toy from the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1938), i.e., from pre-war Jiříkov. The replica of the horse was created according to a U.S. patent from 1927. Learn more at the link: rocking horse.

The museum is open to the public. If you are interested in visiting, contact us in advance by phone at +420 731 580 727.

At present, the museum is closed on the basis of government regulations in connection with the situation with COVID-19.

Updated 06/12/2020