Jiříkov bicycles

One of the workshops producing bicycles in pre-war Jiříkov (Georgswalde) was Johann Herbrich's workshop at Loučná 110. A women's bicycle from the Pfeil brand has been preserved from this workshop (it might be a subtype of the NSU). This bike was probably made around 1935.  

It is equipped with 28” wheel rims, a front lever brake, a wedge-free center, a chain cover and a Torpedo Sachs-brand rear wheel hub. The bike is also equipped with a triple-sprung leather seat and at the time of its production there was also a net covering the rear wheel. 

The mentioned bicycle can be seen at the Museum’s premises.



Set for restoration and renovation 

Women's touring bike, special bike Mod.Zv 35. (by https://www.sterba-bike.cz/fotka/16676/category/katalogy-z-gal) 

bicycle frame, logo Monta made by Z converter "Z", 48 teeth, sprung seat marked Monta, seatpost, lever brake, carbide lamp holder marked "Z", rear wheel, rear hub Torpedo, tricycle