previously unassigned

Cinematograph Georgswalde - case    Clock Mauthe - watchmaker Heidrich Georgswalde    stove production J.Bitterlich Georgswalde - label    stove A.Pulz Georgswalde


wooden toy - goat    wooden toy - donkey    wooden toy, 20.years - rooster, mechanic, mark Waldorf

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soda container A.Rudolf Georgswalde    beer crate Maffersdorf & Gablonz    beer bottle Kögler Georgswalde / label Leitm.Bürgerbräu 10° Schankbier hell    siphon bottle E.Richter Georgswalde


American feed bag CANVAS PRODUCTS CO.1918;   military belt with buckle, Prussia 1916    canteen (The Soviet Union?) MUG 1947    eating bowl (Germany?) A.W.G.? 1937


Magic veil / Zauberschleier Georgswalde - set of photos    spinning wheel    Marconiphone type V2 1923    C.K. / imperial and royal school desk Georgswalde


Shaking - Schönbach i. Bö. / Bohemia    Beer mat - porcelain, advertising - Salmsche Bierbrauerei / brewery Hainspach    Wine mug - Bohemia 19th century - Snow painting


Purse, 3x glasses   Measuring cup 1/4 liter patent   small statues - Jungfrau Maria Hilfreich / Virgin Mary Helpful - Filippsdorf   Hiking map of Northern Bohemia (Schluckenauer hook)   Certificate of apprenticeship Georgswalde   Lesson Georgswalde


Folding cylinder   Clothes brush, with initials   Board game Hans im Glück / Hans in hapiness- Georgswalde


UNRRA - Carton box and can opener - humanitarian aid 1947   Tank, bakelite, Elmes, GDR, 80.years   Fire helmet - JAWA Jirikov


Thermometer - watchmaker and optician Kindermann Schluckenau   Art nouveau set - Hand brush and shovel   Battery shaver ITES 712 A CSSR   Coloring picture - little boy


Photo poule club Unity / Einigkeit 1913   Photo members T.J. Sokol Vienna XVI.   Coloring picture - soldier   Label Mariahilfapotheke Georgswalde


gramophone transmission Monsalvat Normag Germany - probably from the children's gramophone   Notice Austria 1840 Gub. Nr. 30771    Notice Austria 1860 Nr. 20892-m.d.   Diplom - Mastery in shorthand / Stenographie 1912 - Verein nordböhmischer Stenographenvereine / Association of North Bohemian Stenographers' Associations    Certificate of vocational training school 1894